9 different frequencies to manifest
abundance in every area of your life



The activating Abundance Frequencies

Do you want to activate the codes on a deeper level?

The Activating Abundance Frequencies are 9 different audio frequencies, channeled by sound expert Elijah Ray at 432 Hz, to assist in aligning your vibration with the codes of abundance through sound and music.

” Magic ! That’s what these Frequencies are!

Every one just like you are saying is taking me to a different journey .
So awesome ! The emotions frequency literally takes me to a journey … I see and feel the tropical night is hugging me with it’s blanket, it’s by the sea shore , sounds of the waves are calming me down telling me I can trust and surrender and then the tribal ceremony begins …. and it gives me such a sense of meaning , self respect and self worth … lifting up the suspense curtain and showing me WHO I AM

Natallia Nosovicki

What are sound frequencies?

432 Hz, the ‘Cosmic Tuning Fork’.

It is scientifically acknowledged now that every human, animal, and thing in our universe vibrates at a certain frequency, and that these frequencies have the ability to alter each other. For example, when sound moves through water, it has the ability to alter its vibrational state. As humans are made up of 70% water, it’s not difficult to see how the frequency of sound can affect our own internal frequency.

With this in mind, it’s presents us the opportunity to connect with the vibration of the feelings, emotions and things we want to connect with.

However, since the 1950’s when the International Standards Organisation promoted it this way, the music we listen to has been tuned to a frequency of A=440hz which has been found to be disharmonious with the vibrational frequency of mother nature, and can even have a negative effect on our human behaviour and consciousness.

However, the frequency of 432 Hz, which is what codes of abundance frequencies is tuned to, is proven to resonate with the frequencies of mother nature and so unifying the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness.

By listening to sound at this frequency, we are able to deepen our connection with nature, and in the context of the codes of abundance, we are able to strengthen our manifestations to the specific properties we are wanting for our life.

” I’m listening to them all the time…

They are so worth it if you don’t have them yet. They energetically clear your home and you can really feel them working at a cellular level.

Frances Ma

How do I use the frequencies?

432 Hz, the ‘Cosmic Tuning Fork’.

When you download this product you will receive 9 different frequencies for each of the 9 different codes in the book such as Wealth, Spirituality, Purpose. So when you are feeling that you want to shift your energy to focus your work on a specific area of your life, you listen to the frequency that corresponds with it. This will help you activate the codes on a much deeper, subconscious level, allowing the manifestations to flow more abundantly into your life.

Regan and JuanPa listen to these frequencies simply as background music in the home, when they are mediating, exercising or praying whenever they want to activate a specific code in the practice.

” Amazing!

So I just started listening to this for like 5 minutes with the music and then all of a sudden $20 got deposited into my account for absolutely no reason that I’m aware of at all…

Jenny Rose Heartsong

” Sooo Beautiful

Just bought them 🙂 I can totally feel sensations in my own energy field just by listening and tuning into the frequency of passion. Sooooo beautiful. I feel soooo uplifted and I feel my crown chakra extending upwards. Thank you guys, this is amazing!

Ann Tankman

” I am LOVING these frequencies.

Been listening to them a lot these past few days. I’ve been asking myself what codes I want to activate/reactivate for myself in the moment and then listening to the corresponding frequency and its been beautiful!

Dana Rivera

The Activating Abundance Book

The Activating Abundance Book

The Book That Created a Ripple of Abundance Across the World

The Activating Abundance book is a series of 52 abundance codes that have the power to create massive shifts in 9 key areas of your life. These codes work in conjunction with what Regan and JuanPa call ‘the limiters’ which basically help you unblock negative and limiting patterns of behaviour you aren’t consciously aware of. By releasing these blocks and rewiring your thought patterns, you allow for abundance to flow into all areas of your life you choose.

The Activating Abundance book does not teach you anything that your soul does not already know. In fact, the book does not teach at all, it awakens! It helps you to reconnect with knowledge which is your birthright, which gives you the power to create a life that pulsates with abundance. It helps you to reconnect with the truth of who you are, why you are here, your purpose, your vision, your roots, and your reason for being.

The Activating Abundance Frequencies

The Activating Abundance Frequencies

Awaken What Has Been Dormant in You Through the Power of Vibration!

The Activating Abundance Frequencies have been expertly created by Sonic Alchemist and Composer Elijah Ray to give you the tool to awaken the 9 codes of abundance at a deeply subconscious level. Tuned to the ‘Cosmic Pitchfork’ of 432 Hz, the frequencies he created use sound as a vehicle to awaken the truth of who you are, root us to a profound connection with nature, and activate abundance DEEP in every cell of your being.

Using the frequencies will enter you into an entire world of possibilities that give you the power to consciously use sound as a tool to facilitate the creation of anything you desire. The frequency of 432 Hz is scientifically proven to resonate with the frequencies and vibrations of mother nature and so unifying the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness.

The Activating Abundance Visual Activator Cards

The Activating Abundance Visual Activator Cards

A 52 Card Visual Activator Deck That Helps You Access Abundance Throughout the Day Wherever You Are

Each key and code in the Activating Abundance book has its own dedicated visual activator, which is new sacred geometry that has been scientifically and specially designed to bio-hack your visual sensory system to allow abundance to flow into your life.

The cards work by opening up your optical nerve, directly connected to the pineal gland, which is associated with your intuition and your general perception of well-being. You can use these cards to guide you in activating abundance in whichever area of your life you need to focus on by pulling a card from the deck when you feel guided to do so. When using them alongside the book, you will be guided into a powerful meditation process where you will use the sacred geometry of the cards to enable you to visually activate each code.

The Activating Abundance Journal

The Activating Abundance Journal

Trust Us When We Tell You You’ll Want to Record This Journey

Regan & JuanPa commissioned this handcrafted, recycled, genuine leather journal to give people a special way of recording their Activating Abundance Journey. How do we recommend you use it?

Start off by taking a note of this date and time. From now on, when people ask you how your life changed so dramatically and quickly, you will look to your journal and tell them, “This date was the day my life changed forever”. This was the day I chose a DIFFERENT STORY. This was the day I chose to activate abundance and finally start embodying the life of my dreams.

Treasure this journal for life, and fill it with the realisations, achievements, wisdom and heart sharings of the journey that changed everything.

The Activating Abundance Elixirs

The Activating Abundance Elixirs

Harness the Majestic Elements of Nature to Awaken Abundance at a Multi-sensory, Cellular Level

These 9 flower elixirs work on a vibrational level in harmony with the cosmos to bring about abundance in any area of life you choose. Created by Shelley, a Master Herbalist, each flower in these Elixirs was handpicked by her and prepared in a sacred process which naturally activates the energy of abundance on a specific level to each code you choose.

The elixir drops are placed under the tongue to activate within seconds a divine energetic process which helps you to return to your center, eliminate distraction and anchor yourself in times of chaos so you can create the focus you need to activate abundance in the areas of life you feel called to. All of the elixirs are 100% vegan and organic.

USD$ 555 $388 (set of 9 Elixirs)

Activating Abundance Online Course

Activating Abundance Online Course

A 52-day Online Course to Help You Activate Abundance in All Areas of Your Life

The 52-day Activating Abundance Online course is a very special opportunity to be guided through the Activating Abundance book by the authors themselves Regan and JuanPa.

Be held by Regan and JuanPa and the community as you integrate every single code into your being, and start to invite unlimited abundance to flow into every area of your life.

The course is delivered in a series of 52 videos recorded by Regan & JuanPa, and supplemented by an incredibly supportive Facebook Community with the opportunity to interact directly with the authors, PLUS two laser coaching sessions with a SoulBeats certified coach.

Register your interest here, and you will be sent an email with details on how to apply for the course after checkout.