Instantly Unlock a Flow of Unlimited Abundance in Every Area of Your Life

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Do You Often Feel Like You Are Having a Streak of Bad Luck and You Just Can’t Understand Why?

Things break, you lose money, your phone screen smashes, you scrape your car, stub your toe, miss your flight?

Frustrating right?

We have all been there at some point, or multiple points in our lives, and most will just put it down to being an ‘unlucky person’, having ‘bad karma’, or simply just a ‘bad day/month/year’.

What most people don’t know is that we actually have the power to control and change these situations and even REVERSE our ‘luck’ to make the universe start working with us, instead of against us.

You, me and every person on the planet has the power to activate a flow of abundance in EVERY AREA OF OUR LIVES.

What if we told you that you actually already know how to do this? Would you believe us?

You Already Know The Secrets To Activating Abundance!

The Knowledge of How to Activate the Abundant Life of Your Dreams Has Been Present in You Since the Moment You Were Born…

The reason you can’t remember it is because we live in a society that educates us in the OPPOSITE way!

We receive messages every day telling us that wealth and abundance is RARE and hard to find. In the end we integrate these negative beliefs and start to attract negative outcomes that push us off the path to achieving our dreams. This leaves us dissatisfied, always wanting and never receiving, and ultimately believing that our dreams will never become a reality.

We Are Told:

Not every person can be abundant
You should feel ashamed of wanting more
You are not worthy of abundance
Abundance is only for the lucky ones
Abundance comes from knowing the right people or having the right background

Wanting more means you are greedy

We Are Here to Tell You That This is All Completely Untrue

We are here to reconnect you with the truth of your being.

We are here to reconnect you with the secrets for activating unlimited abundance in every area of your life.

We are here to reconnect you to the knowledge that is your birthright!


Regan & JuanPa here,

Thought Leaders, International Speakers and Self-made Multimillionaires Who Have Helped Thousands of People Live the Abundant Lives of Their Dreams Using a Method We Call ‘Activating Abundance’.

We have spent years developing our method into a book and toolkit which has already changed THOUSANDS of lives.

When we discovered the secrets to unlocking abundance and living in flow with the universe, we knew this was something we needed to share with absolutely every person on the planet. 

We want this method to change as many people’s lives as possible, so we have created a FREE movie that you, your friends and family can watch so you can finally learn to step out of the patterns of frustration and scarcity that have been holding you back your entire lives

” What you have both created here is BEYOND next level!!!…

I am one of those people who has been doing what I felt was my purpose for a loooooong time (15yrs). I’ve invested thousands in mentoring, courses and nothing was changing…

This is THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I have heard it all and felt an abundance of resonance.

Kiarna Ella

Abundance Is A Choice

So What Choice Are You Going to Make?

Are you going to stay stuck in a life of scarcity and fear, believing the conditioning and stories that you are not WORTH abundance, that abundance is RARE? Or are you going to take the step that marks THIS as the FIRST DAY where your life changed forever?

We have made this step SO easy for you to take by making the movie completely free for you to watch.

What Does Abundance Truly Mean?

When people think of the term ‘abundance’, they tend to think it just refers to attaining a lot of money or material things, but this is simply not the case.

Abundance is not outside of ourselves. Abundance is an INTERNAL state, it’s a lifestyle, a way of living that is open for ANYONE to tap into wherever you are at, whatever you are doing.

Abundance is a way of being.

Abundance can be activated in ANY AREA OF LIFE YOU CHOOSE:



You will either strengthen your current relationship by cultivating an abundance of love and understanding, or attract your true match


You will tune in to your natural state, choose and desire food that fuels you, nourishes you and keeps your physical state in harmony with your mental state


You will feel a sense of returning to your true self, and manifesting an abundance of confidence, compassion, understanding and authenticity in all your interactions


You will tear down your limiting beliefs surrounding money and easily conquer new financial goals that you’ve only ever dared to dream were possible


You will attract an abundance of peace, bliss and pure joy that radiates into every corner of your life, helping you to live in a state of gratitude for every gift small and big


You will return to your natural state of connectedness with the universe, and will be able to communicate and thrive with nature, your purpose and your intuition

Abundance literally means, ‘a very large quantity of something’.

So take a moment right now, and mentally list ALL the areas of your life you wish to enrichen with abundance.

…Every single thing you just listed is possible to be activated with abundance.

We are here to show you the simple method of how to do it.



I am feeling like I have SO much energy
I am more in control of my state and how I feel. My vibes have been so freakin high and because of all of this I have had massive biz growth over the past two weeks for myself and others. I actually feel like such a magnet right now BUT I’m letting it come with ease even more. I have such a relaxed certainty whilst I still am taking massive aligned action daily. Feeling GOOD!”

Alissa V Buttiglieri

Abundance Is Your Birthright!

The truth is, our natural state IS abundance but, like many of our natural abilities, this has been either forgotten or actually trained out of us!

It is our job now to awaken and RECONNECT with our natural abilities, switch off our scarcity mindset, and activate wealth, health, love and happiness in every area of our lives.

Are you ready to unleash abundance?

You have a choice today to stay in the same place you have ALWAYS been in: stuck, fearful, frustrated, negative. OR you can take the fire of inspiration I know you feel right now reading this, and choose to take the first step in igniting your whole life with abundance.

Don’t let that fire burn out.

Believe, surrender your doubt, and step forward into an abundant life today.


The Activating Abundance Book

The Activating Abundance Book

The Book That Created a Ripple of Abundance Across the World

The Activating Abundance book is a series of 52 abundance codes that have the power to create massive shifts in 9 key areas of your life. These codes work in conjunction with what Regan and JuanPa call ‘the limiters’ which basically help you unblock negative and limiting patterns of behaviour you aren’t consciously aware of. By releasing these blocks and rewiring your thought patterns, you allow for abundance to flow into all areas of your life you choose.

The Activating Abundance book does not teach you anything that your soul does not already know. In fact, the book does not teach at all, it awakens! It helps you to reconnect with knowledge which is your birthright, which gives you the power to create a life that pulsates with abundance. It helps you to reconnect with the truth of who you are, why you are here, your purpose, your vision, your roots, and your reason for being.

The Activating Abundance Frequencies

The Activating Abundance Frequencies

Awaken What Has Been Dormant in You Through the Power of Vibration!

The Activating Abundance Frequencies have been expertly created by Sonic Alchemist and Composer Elijah Ray to give you the tool to awaken the 9 codes of abundance at a deeply subconscious level. Tuned to the ‘Cosmic Pitchfork’ of 432 Hz, the frequencies he created use sound as a vehicle to awaken the truth of who you are, root us to a profound connection with nature, and activate abundance DEEP in every cell of your being.

Using the frequencies will enter you into an entire world of possibilities that give you the power to consciously use sound as a tool to facilitate the creation of anything you desire. The frequency of 432 Hz is scientifically proven to resonate with the frequencies and vibrations of mother nature and so unifying the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness.

The Activating Abundance Visual Activator Cards

The Activating Abundance Visual Activator Cards

A 52 Card Visual Activator Deck That Helps You Access Abundance Throughout the Day Wherever You Are

Each key and code in the Activating Abundance book has its own dedicated visual activator, which is new sacred geometry that has been scientifically and specially designed to bio-hack your visual sensory system to allow abundance to flow into your life.

The cards work by opening up your optical nerve, directly connected to the pineal gland, which is associated with your intuition and your general perception of well-being. You can use these cards to guide you in activating abundance in whichever area of your life you need to focus on by pulling a card from the deck when you feel guided to do so. When using them alongside the book, you will be guided into a powerful meditation process where you will use the sacred geometry of the cards to enable you to visually activate each code.

The Activating Abundance Journal

The Activating Abundance Journal

Trust Us When We Tell You You’ll Want to Record This Journey

Regan & JuanPa commissioned this handcrafted, recycled, genuine leather journal to give people a special way of recording their Activating Abundance Journey. How do we recommend you use it?

Start off by taking a note of this date and time. From now on, when people ask you how your life changed so dramatically and quickly, you will look to your journal and tell them, “This date was the day my life changed forever”. This was the day I chose a DIFFERENT STORY. This was the day I chose to activate abundance and finally start embodying the life of my dreams.

Treasure this journal for life, and fill it with the realisations, achievements, wisdom and heart sharings of the journey that changed everything.

The Activating Abundance Elixirs

The Activating Abundance Elixirs

Harness the Majestic Elements of Nature to Awaken Abundance at a Multi-sensory, Cellular Level

These 9 flower elixirs work on a vibrational level in harmony with the cosmos to bring about abundance in any area of life you choose. Created by Shelley, a Master Herbalist, each flower in these Elixirs was handpicked by her and prepared in a sacred process which naturally activates the energy of abundance on a specific level to each code you choose.

The elixir drops are placed under the tongue to activate within seconds a divine energetic process which helps you to return to your center, eliminate distraction and anchor yourself in times of chaos so you can create the focus you need to activate abundance in the areas of life you feel called to. All of the elixirs are 100% vegan and organic.

USD$ 555 $388 (set of 9 Elixirs)

Activating Abundance Online Course

Activating Abundance Online Course

A 52-day Online Course to Help You Activate Abundance in All Areas of Your Life

The 52-day Activating Abundance Online course is a very special opportunity to be guided through the Activating Abundance book by the authors themselves Regan and JuanPa.

Be held by Regan and JuanPa and the community as you integrate every single code into your being, and start to invite unlimited abundance to flow into every area of your life.

The course is delivered in a series of 52 videos recorded by Regan & JuanPa, and supplemented by an incredibly supportive Facebook Community with the opportunity to interact directly with the authors, PLUS two laser coaching sessions with a SoulBeats certified coach.

Register your interest here, and you will be sent an email with details on how to apply for the course after checkout.